illumiNaughty has fast become one of the most respected event transformation services in the UK. With an expert approach to venue customization, illumiNaughty are becoming the first choice for many promoters and event organisers when it comes to decor and lighting hire.

Creating original, colourful, well designed environments, the illumiNaughty approach to decor, lighting and effects has become renowned, transforming events from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Specialists in visual manipulation and optical trickery, illumiNaughty have an extensive catalogue of products which can be used to craft environments that maximise ambiance and defy imagination!

With a constant expansion of ideas and designs our extensive catalogue includes an array of decor and lighting options, including inflatables, fabrics, 3-D structures, banners, multi-media projections, lasers, spot-lights, UV, moving heads, strobes, smoke machines and much much more.

Our installations are suitable for all types of Clubs, Festivals, Corporate Events, private functions

If you have a question or query, then just contact the team to discuss your ideas ! Email us or check our website :


“After working closely to form the initial idea, I was able to let the crew get on with implementing everything. Schedules were kept to and most importantly the end result looked fantastic!” 


“”We’re eternally grateful for the personal and hands on approach from all the illuminaughty crew, everyone left complimenting the decor and attention to detail and we all know who had a massive role to play in that…Thank you and see you next year.” 

“The Illuminaughty decor is amazing, the sculptures are stunning and their technical expertise meant they dealt easily with all the problems we threw at them. The end result was a beautiful environment. The crew delivered our brief on time and on budget – nothing was too much trouble and we wouldn’t hesitate to use them again” 

“Illuminaughty put their all into every event they do! Very professional, Oh My God! and Energy will be using them again for sure.” 
Dave Potter OMG! EVENTS

Decor by Visual Architects