IllumiNaughty UK tour 2017 lands to Bristol for its last show of the year, on the 9th of December at the Trinity Centre!

The Goblin for so it will be convenient to speak of them stood motionless at his next destination … His large deep dark eyes shone and twinkled, and his usually deep green face was flushed but animated

“Where am I …? “

..Bristol said the voice in his head.

I’ve never been here before … or have I ?

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Space Tribe

Olli Wisdom is the man behind the psychedelic phenomenon that is Space Tribe and its more than just music. Olli has been a pioneer of Psychedelic Trance for many years & Space Tribe is one of the most well known names in the psychedelic scene thanks to his incredible energy & music. For over 20 years he’s been globe trotting in his unique style – delivering mind bending, full power psychedelic music & raising clouds of dust

Mad Maxx

MAD MAXX is the result of years of hard work, perfecting a unique sound, embodying all the travels, experiences and parties of the past 20 years. The music is a mix of trance, ethnic and deep sounds, with a strong kick and ominous bass line, an electro touch, emotional chants, and at times nostalgic atmospheres, with a BPM ranging from 138 to 145 in general. All of this sonic mayhem delivered in a whirlwind of psychedelia of course….

Mad Tribe

MAD TRIBE is a collaboration between SPACE TRIBE & MAD MAXX (Olli Wisdom & Max Peterson). Mad Tribe make, Inspiring, Intense Full Power music with incredible production technique. They are both well established artists on the Psytrance scene for many years. They met in San Francisco at  the infamous CCC parties & became good friends. They started making music together in 2005 clicking immediately with a shared vision for a full power psychedelic sound with twisted sense of humour.

The Goblin

The Goblin takes over the decks to bring IllumiNaughty`s psychedelic soul alive on the dance floor. His DJ performance has been gathering a lot of interest by the audience since 2016 in the UK. He mixes the most powerful & dynamic styles of Full-on Psy-trance tracks for the sake of LOVE`n CHAOS!


Monk3ylogic are are a duo from Bristol known as pioneers of the psybreaks sound. Working with cutting edge labels like Broken Robot Records, Liquid Records, Broken Records and AUX, and with release on many more, Monk3ylogic’s sound has been continually evolving since its birth 5 years ago.

Equally at home on stage as they are in the studio, Monk3ylogic’s Ableton based live set has been destroying dance floors across the UK and beyond since their debut at Waveform in 2010, performing at Glastonbury, Boomtown, Arcadia, Tribe of Frog, Illuminaughty, Sunrise, Elixir of Life, Eden and Nozstock to name but a few.


Pieman has been DJ’ing since his inspiration from the Haad rin and Goa parties in the early 90`s. He is one of the few DJ`s out there that can genuinely play at any party, at any time of the day or night, without more than a moment’s notice, and still maintain the flow of the music. With a very unique feel, his sets can be described as Maximal PsychedelicTrashPopDiscoFilth with dollops of full fat ice cream and wafers of random audio for good measure. Sublime multi genre sets are his talent and if there is a box he wont be in it! Psy-Trance, Progressive, Techno, Breaks, Electro Swing, Glitch, Drum and Bass, Freestyle Downtempo … we could go on!!

  • £ 14.00
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    • Includes standard entry
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