Sunday Chill Sessions #21 – Mixed By ASTROPILOT

The Goblin of illumiNaughty presents Sunday Chill Sessions!

The 21st mix of the series comes by one of the world-wide pioneers of psychill; ASTROPILOT from Russia! Enjoy Enjoy his Samsara Festival 2016 closing set and stay tuned for the next mix..



AstroPilot is psychill/psybient alias of Russian music composer Dmitriy Redko.
The project was started with ethno-chill/psydub sound on debut album “Fruits Of The Imagination” and releases on various compilations. But later after years AstroPilot music transformed to more spacy and progressive. And now style of the project could divided on 2 main parts: space ambient and progressive chillout/midtempo.

Since 2010 till 2016 Dmitriy works with Altar Records for releasing his albums, EPs. He also released his music on many labels including Ultimae Records and Iboga Records. 

AstroPilot plays at many international festivals, outdoors and indoors events in Russia, Ukraine, Canada, Australia, Hungary, Greece, France, Portugal, Israel, Montenegro, Bulgaria, Czech republic, Lithuania,Turkey, Kazakhstan, Belorussia and etc.

September 2016 was new milestone for Dmitriy – he opened his own label – AstroPilot Music.

Sunday Chill Sessions #20 – Mixed By SIDE LINER

The Goblin of illumiNaughty presents Sunday Chill Sessions!

The 20th mix of the series comes by SIDE LINER from Cosmicleaf Records. Enjoy the journey and stay tuned..


<<< SIDE LINER >>>

Side Liner began as a project in 2004 by Nick Miamis in Athens, Greece to explore the emotional side of music and give shape to the events of the day. His music is best noted for the continuous flow of thought it creates, often visually stimulating and evocative of a particular mood — without the jarring interruptions of so much of today’s electronic and chillout music.

The sounds created by Nick in his studio by the sea are heartfelt expressions of his concerns for the future — whatever it may bring.

Side liner has released 15 full albums: “Emotional Diving” (2006), “Once Upon A Time” (2007), “My Guardian Angel” (2008) ,”Crying Cities” (2009), ”Missing Pieces Of A Puzzle” (2009) , “Human Recycle” (2010), “Dream Stealers (2011), ”Missing Pieces Of A Puzzle 2” (2012), “I A Bird Now” (2012) , “Missing Pieces Of A Puzzle 3 (2013, “9 Years Side Liner” (2013), “Water Everywhere” (2013), “Missing Pieces Of A Puzzle 4” (2013), “Out Of Town” (2016) with Aviron, “Last Breath” (2017) all through Cosmicleaf Records and numerous eps and tracks in compilations.

Miamis often releases “beta” versions of a track through and other music channels on the web to get feedback from the public before finalizing an album. He personally reads and often responds to the feedback he receives through “shouts”. His broken English is testament to his desire to get everything he does “just right”, and the final production is usually flawless.

The critics have taken note of the body of work from Miamis and have begun to help spread the word— or the music. As Groove Magazine perfectly described, “Side Liner’s music is a journey through sublime textures that hopscotch between comforting warmth and oblique menace. Running the gamut from ambient to breaks, (the music) soars through dreamy soundscapes where Side Liner’s chilling vision of the future collides head-on with the realities of a perplexing modern world.”

Nick Miamis began releasing his music in 1999, his first record deal with Discobole Records. under various names before Side Liner project, his work was mostly considered “trance”. Miamis has created or produced over 330 tracks, covering 113releases -some of whom were on “chillout” compilations as well as his own albums. He is also the label manager of Cosmicleaf Records.

Sunday Chill Sessions #19 – Mixed By ANCIENT VISION

The Goblin of illumiNaughty presents Sunday Chill Sessions!

The Goblin of illumiNaughty presents Sunday Chill Sessions! The 19th mix of the series comes by ANCIENT VISION from world wide known online radio station; Digitally Imported. Enjoy the journey and stay tuned..


Apart from being a genre of music, trance is like a religion for him. In 1999, when he was at high school, the year he got to know electronic music quest started collecting Televole casettes and later on with the album “Imagine” composed by Jean Michael Jarre, he found himself completely absorbed in Trance Music. In October 2009, Ilgaz who was appointed to the A&R of English Trance Label Diverted Music (a.k.a Diverted Recordings as its former name) and left his job in 2012 to focus his own music. He broadcasts monthly and random Radio Shows on the biggest online radio station DI.FM (Digitally Imported). He also has performed in numerous festivals and parties in Turkey and Europe.


THE GOBLIN @IllumiNaughty Takeover Psychedelic Forest – Boomtown CH9 – Behind the Mask – 2017

THE GOBLIN @IllumiNaughty Takeover Psychedelic Forest – Boomtown CH9 – Behind the Mask – 2017

Here is an amazing mix by our Goblin! The set was played after STRYKER, before BERG at IllumiNaughty takeover Psychedelic Forest at Boomtown CH9 – Behind the Mask 2017. So expect an epic journey and enjoy the vibes! Stay tuned for his next mix 😉

Love`n Chaos!!!

Sunday Chill Sessions #18 – Mixed By PACK

The Goblin of illumiNaughty presents Sunday Chill Sessions!

The eighteenth mix of the series comes by PACK, resident DJ at Crystal Kids, Turkey. Enjoy the journey and stay tuned..

<<< PACK >>>

Onur Pekinöz aka PACK was born in Istanbul. He started getting interested in music in 2005 playing guitar and drums. After completing his DJing course at Connection Records, Turkey; he started mixing tracks as a Dj at 2010. By that time he was playing house / techno. Psy-trance was calling him so hard and he started playing psy-trance in 2013. Since then he played at almost all indoor psy-trance parties in Istanbul. In 2014-2015 summers he was in the line up at all outdoor festivals in Turkey. He plays progressive, dark progressive, twilight, forest psy-trance, as well as psychill as a resident DJ at Crystal Kids, based in Istanbul.


Sunday Chill Sessions #17 – Mixed By DENSE

The Goblin of illumiNaughty presents Sunday Chill Sessions!

The seventeenth mix of the series comes by a successful psychill producer; DENSE from Germany. Enjoy the journey and stay tuned..

<<< DENSE >>>

Dense is one of the most popular chill out DJs in Germany – performing the progressive idea of modern chillout sounds and known with own productions as on Altar Records or Cosmicleaf Records. Beside deejaying, you can catch him on Sundays with his weekly three hour radio show „Chill On!” at Hirschmilch Radio. His fifth solo album „Tide Forger“ is out since April 2017 and shows the more ambient side of Denses works. With his collaboration with Fourth Dimension he delivered the Mindcycles series at Cosmicleaf Rec. and another project with GMO recently released their fourth progressive chillout album „Distances”. In autumn you can expect another psy-chill album, this time produced together with Mystic Crock. This summer you can catch Dense live at Psy-Fi Festival (NL) with fresh tunes like he served in the exclusive mix for the Goblin Sunday Chill Sessions.

Sunday Chill Sessions #15 – Mixed By ZAFTRA MORGEN

The Goblin of illumiNaughty presents Sunday Chill Sessions!

The fifteenth mix of the series comes by ZAFTRA MORGEN from Netherlands. Enjoy the journey and stay tuned.


Zaftra was born in the mid-sixties and is inspired by the music of that era, which includes Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix and Jefferson Airplane. She lives in Nijmegen and is becoming a household name in the Dutch ambient and psybient scene. The use of psilocybin mushrooms was what caused Zaftra to become familiar with these genres. They grabbed her and have not let her go, partly because she feels healed by the music.

Zaftra started her own Youtube channel in early 2016, where she shares the best ambient and psybient music with her loyal listeners. They hold her musical choices in high regard. Her You Tube sets are focused on pure followers to chill music and who wants a set that breathes and fits, where the selection and sequence of the tracks are more determined by “flow” and “vibe” than bpm’s.

It was only a matter of time before she had to share her love of hypnotic music with an even larger group of like-minded individuals. This led to her first live sets, which range from two to four hours. Zaftra creates musical tension with her music. Her sets alternately build up, climax, and wind down again.
What makes Zaftra’s live sets special is that she bases her set completely on her audience. She does not have set lists. She customizes and improvises based on the type of venue and the kind of people in the audience. This is quite impressive of this rising, one-legged woman in her fifties, who operates in association with Gaia Psybient Music.
Curious about what Zaftra stands for? Check out here Youtube channel, you may see the link below.

Gigs in 2017: Psy klub (Waalhalla Nijmegen NL), Living Village festival (Dalfsen NL), Mandala festival (Wanroij NL), Solstice (Ruigoord, Amsterdam NL), Shankra (Lostallo, CH), Psychedelic Rave (Maassilo, Rotterdam NL).