The Goblin of IllumiNaughty presents Sunday Chill Sessions!
The fifteenth mix of the series comes by ZAFTRA MORGEN from Netherlands. Enjoy the journey and stay tuned.

Love ‘n Chaos !


Zaftra was born in the mid-sixties and is inspired by the music of that era, which includes Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix and Jefferson Airplane. She lives in Nijmegen and is becoming a household name in the Dutch ambient and psybient scene. The use of psilocybin mushrooms was what caused Zaftra to become familiar with these genres. They grabbed her and have not let her go, partly because she feels healed by the music.

Zaftra started her own Youtube channel in early 2016, where she shares the best ambient and psybient music with her loyal listeners. They hold her musical choices in high regard. Her YouTube sets are focused on pure followers to chill music and who wants a set that breathes and fits, where the selection and sequence of the tracks are more determined by “flow” and “vibe” than bpm. 

It was only a matter of time before she had to share her love of hypnotic music with an even larger group of like-minded individuals. This led to her first live sets, which range from two to four hours. Zaftra creates musical tension with her music. Her sets alternately build up, climax, and wind down again.
What makes Zaftra’s live sets special is that she bases her set completely on her audience. She does not have set lists. She customizes and improvises based on the type of venue and the kind of people in the audience. This is quite impressive of this rising, one-legged woman in her fifties, who operates in association with Gaia Psybient Music.

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