Manchester… one of the most vibrant, extensive and exciting cities in terms of its nightlife, with multiple events across the city every weekend, standing at the forefront of the industry is something that every events brand is fighting for. Therefore the premise of this activity was to stand out from our competitors and create an innovative and out the box marketing idea that would resonate in the public’s mind whilst also driving key ticket sales for one of our biggest events of the year.

The idea:  Promotion is a powerful tool, but how does one stand out against numerous events companies promoting across a musically diverse and enriches city like Manchester..  Lead an Illuminauhty flashmob through the city centre streets on a busy Saturday afternoon, causing mayhem and havoc in some of the cities best known locations, picking up consumers along the way, inviting them to experience a little bit of Illuminaughty magic whilst subtly promoting our Halloween show.  We wanted to encourage prolonged engagement from our audience, with the end result of our flash mob through Manchester being a free, secret warehouse party…. But in order to get an invite, the consumer had to join the starting point of our flash mob, then follow the clues on our Instagram story.

The Challenge: Our biggest challenge was ensuring our audience kept up with our Instagram Story updates in real time. The first point of call was a mobile number that we promoted across our socials, by calling said number, the consumer was given the first location in which they needed to join.  From that point, visual queues were uploaded only via our Instagram Story, indicating which point in the city centre we were. A high level of customer service was maintained throughout the day, ensuring our audience could keep track of our flash mob and join at their desired point. Each location boasted a different activity, from outdoor yoga, space hoppers, dancing, shot taking and much more, alongside singing the Illuminaughty praises through a megaphone… it’s fair to say stood out from the sightseers and shop goers! Our travel path was carefully mapped out, ensuring maximum exposure was reached throughout the day, targeting areas in which our key demographics base themselves such as Afflecks Palace, The Northern Quarter, Fallowfield and more.

The Outcome: Naturally, we began to draw attention to ourselves, with members of the public asking who we were and what we were doing, taking photos and videos to post on their own social media. This is where the hard promotion came into play. Poster boards and flyers were carried and given out throughout the day, ensuring we were plugging our Halloween event at every possible opportunity. As the day went on and more people joined us, our exposure increased. Our final destination was our secret warehouse party, with groups of familiar faces that had joined us throughout the day in attendance. The purpose of this flash mob was to gain exposure for our Halloween event, driving ticket sales without using harsh sales methods to do so. The results? Our Halloween campaign has had over half a million online impressions and our highest ticket sales to date.


IllumiNaughty Free Party – END OF AN ERA

Last weekend, IllumiNaughty were causing chaos on the streets of Manchester — bringing our patented mix of music, performance and party to the city centre and beyond! Presenting our official after-video, which will give you a taste of the carnage!If this looks like your sort of thing, we'll be back in Manchester on 26-10 for IllumiNaughty pres: 'End of an Era' – Halloween Indoor Festival – if you haven't grabbed your ticket yet, now is your chance as prices will be going up on Monday!

Posted by IllumiNaughty on Friday, 12 October 2018