If you’ve been to an Illuminaughty event, you will know we don’t do things by halves. In the ever-growing stratosphere of the music and events industry, it’s essential to make your mark. This is something we have been doing through Illuminaughty events for 13 years now, let’s take a look at why creating an unforgettable experience is so important to us…

We want our party goers at Illuminaughty events to leave their normal lives at the door and enter an alternate reality for the duration of our event, whilst also remembering the event for weeks and months to come, sharing it across their social media and friends alike. We do this by creating an individual theme for each of our events, depicting this through stage design, immersive performances, market stalls, music and beyond. From Alice in Wonderland, Steampunk, The Great Gatsby, Halloween and beyond, we have sought to create some of the most unforgettable night across the country.

The final product of an Illuminaughty event is the workings of our fantastic creative design team. Once the theme has been chosen, our team curates a mood board, stage design and theme ideas. We hand pick and craft everything to embody our theme in the best possible way. For example, for our Great Gatsby themed event we wanted to bring the roaring 20’s to Troxy in every sense, therefore we delved into flapper, mobsters and gangster culture. We drew upon inspiration from the Great Gatsby films and documentaries, old photos and videos. From our research, our brains began to tick and the fun starts!

Our specialised team then creates a 3D visualisation of our stage design idea, we custom create this to fit the venue in which our event is taking place. This way, we can picture what our stage design is going to look like before the building takes place. Once we’re happy that our design captures our theme and looks jaw-droppingly spectacular, our builders get underway creating the stage, props, accessories and so on!

Our decor is just the beginning of an Illuminaughty event, we want to embody our theme in any and every way we can. Our talented team of performers have a vast array of skills and performance styles on their books, we tailor these performances to each event. Our Alice In Wonderland theme had playful contortionists and characters, whilst our Halloween event showcased some of the most death-defying performance skills we offer. We take into consideration stage design, costume design, special fx, performances, market stalls and much more, we have every element of your senses covered. At an Illuminaughty event, you can find everything from a fairground to a market stall, massages to food trucks… The possibilities are endless! 

This innate uniqueness to our events is something which we owe our success to, we’re constantly looking to make the next event better than our previous, creating innovative ways to portray our themes. We want you to forget about your worries and delve into the world of Illuminaughty. If you haven’t yet, you truly need to experience our event first hand. Immersive nightlife culture is something we’re extremely passionate about and there is no stopping us, we have BIG things planned for 2019 so watch this space!

Our next event is Electric Dreams with Neelix, Blastoyz, Nikki.S, Neutrino and more! Click here for more event information and tickets.