If you’ve been to an IllumiNaughty event, you will know we are advocates for making the IlluNinaughty experience one you will never forget. From DJ’s, decor, market stalls and performers, our events have it all! Dancers, fire-breathers, stilt walkers, silk dancers, contortionists, actors, magicians and beyond take to our stages as IllumiNaughty performers and this blog will highlight what goes into being a performer for such a show.

Each of our shows has a specially curated and crafted theme, from Alice in Wonderland to Great Gatsby, Day of The Dead and beyond, therefore the performers and their style for each show will vary. Although some of our performers are on the same side, others defy gravity, take risks and make your IllumiNaughty experience one you’ll never forget. We sat down with one of our longest running performers, Tink, to ask her a few questions about what life is like as an IllumiNaughty performer.

So Tink, tell us a little bit about what it’s like to be involved with IllumiNaughty…

Performing at IllumiNaughty is always a super fun experience! I love how much thought and preparation that goes into each event, it makes me feel really excited and I can’t wait to show everybody what we’ve created.

How do yourself, the other performers and the IllumiNaughty team decide what performance styles are going to be used within each show?

Usually, each event starts by finding out which character I have been cast as and how my character fits into the story. I listen to the whole story and then figure out how I can expand on that during my sketches, I think about the skills that I could use and ideas of different movements I could make to tell the story from my character’s point of view. We then get together with the other performers and work together to create fully choreographed routines that really make the story come to life. We put a lot of work in before the events to make sure that we’re well rehearsed and have everything perfect.


Embodying the theme is something that is super important to us here at IllumiNaughty, through music, costume, performance and much more. How important are the costumes to you guys performing?

The costumes really help us become the character! Closer to the events we usually see our costumes for the first time and try them on. The designers who work with IllumiNaughty are extremely talented, they always create such beautiful and unique costumes for us. Trying the costumes on is another “get me on the stage” moment where you just can’t wait to perform.

Run us through a typical evening performing at IllumiNaughty…

On the night we arrive before the doors open, everybody is together to check out the stage design and props that have been created for that night. We do a safety walkthrough and performance briefing with the performance coordinator so we know exactly what to do and where we need to be for our sets. Then the doors open and it’s action time! When you see how much action there is on the stage you can’t help but think “Wow! This is going to an incredible night!”.

The night tends to go by in a flash. It’s so much fun! There’s great energy in the team, everybody is so passionate about their work and you can see that they are loving every moment of the event. We’re well looked after and there is always somebody to help us if we need anything.

Once you’ve finished performing, how do you feel?

Once the night is over there’s the exciting wait to see what photos and videos were captured. IllumiNaughty has a world-class team of photographers and videographers so you can guarantee that there will be some absolutely amazing shots of your performance. You almost relive the night by going through the photo sets and looking at how much fun everybody is having.

For anyone wondering how it feels to be part of the team or how to get involved, what would you say…

I love how organised and well-planned everything is at IllumiNaughty. I always have my performance schedule before the event, and I can see everything else that is happening in stage too. I feel super proud to be part of an event of this scale.

To round it off I would say that working for IllumiNaughty is one of the best performance experiences you will have. The passion, pride, and love that goes into their events really shines through. It’s fun and stress-free. They create an inclusive community, I feel valued and respected as a performer, and welcomed as part of their team!

We’re always on the lookout for new performance styles and artists… If you’re interested in getting involved as a performer, click here!