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The IllumiNaughty Experience


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The Story

Each one of our events revolves around a theme, we tell a story which unfolds as the event progresses. Not confined to just a stage, performance artists move throughout our venues to immerse you in a living fairytale.

From adventures in the wacky world of Alice in Wonderland to tales of villainy and debauchery in prohibition-era America, you can never be sure what to expect at one of our events! Lose yourself in our ever-evolving alternate worlds as you party, leave reality at the door and experience a little bit of Illuminaughty magic.

The Party

At its core, IllumiNaughty events are a celebration of electronic music, enchanting theatrics, over-the-top decor and (most importantly) throwing the greatest party the world has ever seen!

We would be nothing without the thousands of dedicated party-goers that come to our events, and we pride ourselves in providing a space for people to freely enjoy themselves.

Whether in a small venue or a cavernous warehouse, we always brings the party!

View Our Party Video Here

The Production

We take production to the next level… Accompanying the spectacular array of sounds on offer at our events is our signature production and décor. For each themed event, we dedicate ourselves to creating an incredible and immersive experience featuring bespoke installations and jaw-dropping lighting and pyrotechnics created in-house at VISUAL ARCHITECTS, our sister company.

Whether you’re hitting up the rave in Wonderland with Alice, or taking a trip to
the Doctor’s Secret Lab, our events will transport you to a unique and psychedelic world unlike any club experience you’ve ever had.

View Our Production Video Here

The Performance

Enter into our world and not only will you be amongst some of the most
adventurous stage production in the world, you’ll also be dancing beside our
debauched cabaret of dancers, performers, fire breathers, contortionists and much more.

Our bevy of trained performers takes your evening and turns it into an
interactive experience featuring illusionists, stilt walkers and circus jugglers all
dressed in themed costumes that blur the lines between reality and

View Our Performance Video Here

The Music

Above all else, IllumiNaughty is about the music and creating an unrivalled space where it can be enjoyed. For over 10 years we’ve been bringing some of the world’s foremost names in Psytrance, Drum and Bass and Techno to the UK for our parties.

Our line-ups have debuted international talent, brought back firm favourites and provided a platform for up and coming artists, while helping to create and re-affirm a strong community of like-minded individuals who are all in it for one thing—the music.

View Our Music Video Here


We would be nothing without the community of people that come to our events. 10 years in the game has given us the privilege of meeting some of the most passionate and creative people you could hope to meet and we always hope to welcome you back to our events time and time again.

Meeting new people has always been a central part of our philosophy and we’d love for you to be a part of our family. Whether you just want to come and have a dance with us at an event, or you’d like to be involved as a performer or on our street team, just get in touch with us.

Everything Else

At IllumiNaughty we’re dedicated to providing a platform for local vendors,
artists and small businesses that share our positive outlook and passion for

From live art installations to craft jewellery stalls, we do our utmost to provide
unique opportunities for customers to engage with independent artists and
businesses in a fun environment. If you want to have a stall at an IllumiNaughty
event or you’re an artist who’d like to do a live installation you can get in touch

Sound good? Join us at our next event!

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