Great Gatsby Outfit Inspiration…

There isn’t long to go until we transport you back in time to 20’s/30’s prohibition era American… On Saturday 17th November, escape reality and immerse yourself in all the glitz, glamour and debauchery of the Great Gatsby era, because to fully immerse yourself, you have to look the part right? Whether wanting subtle hints of Gatsby or you’re looking to go all out, here is a little outfit inspiration to help you along the way. Think feathers, sequins, gold, glitz, glam, pinstripes, suits, cigarettes, champagne, gangsters… The list is endless!


Flapper fashion, the epitome of glamour! Think short, slicked back hair, exposed limbs, red lips, pearls, diamonds, sequins galore! Flapper fashion pushed boundaries, don’t be afraid to experiment.


1920’s gangsters Mobsters controlled certain sections of larger cities. Although a violent time in history, the fashion was second to none and the Mobsters always looked the part. Think  dark suit jackets (often striped, never black) with matching vests and pants, white or black band fedora hat, contrasting tie, and a cigar in mouth.


Gangsters… Mobsters with a lot more money! Think Thomas Shelby from Peaky Blinders. Pocket watches and cigars at the ready, 3 piece suits, high lapels, two tone shoes, because you have to look the part to be the part, right? Can’t grow a moustache? Fake it until you make it and get the black face paint out!




Your costume is completed by it’s accessories, Great Gatsby is the perfect theme to overload on accessories. Flappers,  complete your look with feather hair accessories, pearl/diamond jewellery, faux fur jackets, plus… A long cigarette holder is essential; Gatsby women NEVER held their own cigarette.  

Gangsters/Mobsters, complete your look with a signature fedora, bow tie, fake (or real) thin moustache, combed over, slicked back hair.

Gatbsy = glamour! Whether adding simple accessories or going all out, we can’t wait to see how you embody this theme at Illuminaughty Presents: Mobster Tales at Troxy on Saturday 17th November.

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